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"....provides pure, simple integrated leadership solutions ideal for the complexities of today.
The master coaching and team performance experts partner you to achieve mastery in whatever your field of endeavour."

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Leader As Architect: Welcome

Leaders ARE Architects

Architects understand  human beings are profoundly shaped not just by physical spaces but by social spaces. And just as we may not notice the persistent influence of the architecture around us, we often fail to appreciate the extraordinary power hidden in the unseen contours of our social environments. A significant part of leadership, therefore, involves a special kind of design. Today’s leader needs to understand how to create fertile organizational spaces—generative cultural environments that lift our spirits, nudge us forward, and raise our collaborative potential. This is why we believe that today’s leader needs to be an architect—a builder, creator, and designer of dynamic, cultural spaces. And organizations that have those types of leaders will almost always find ways to thrive.
Over the past decade or so, most organizations have done a pretty good job of training their leaders in influence-focused competencies such as coaching, communications and team building. These are certainly important competencies that leaders use to get people to perform better within the system. However, they do not equip leaders to change the fundamental parameters of the system itself. Developing leaders with powerful influencing skills is only one part of what it takes for an organization to flourish. Great coaching, communication and the like only goes so far in an environment not intentionally designed for success.
It is the deeper understanding of how as a leader we can shape the architecture, the physical, emotional and spiritual design of our enterprises and our communities that will enable the 'thrivability' in the wicked environment we now find ourselves.

Leader As Architect: About


With a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of executives and leaders, The Leader As Architect is a well-renowned specialist Leadership consultancy. Since 2000, The Leader As Architect Consultants have had the privilege of providing guidance and expertise to all types of organizations in Australia and Asia. 


A systemic approach hallmarks the way in which The Leader As Architect works. Enabling the leader to tap into their own inner wisdom to access solutions to the strategic and challenging issues emerging. 

This approach enables leaders to maximise their natural way of leading, in doing that their intrinsic energy is optimised. The result is that leaders emerge from the partnering experience with a new awareness and capability to be choreographers of energy for the people they lead.


We would love to discuss our approach with you in more detail and co-design how it will address the 'wicked' challenges contemporary organisations and teams face.


Leader As Architect: Coaching


Create innovation & change more rapidly

Leaders as Architects focuses strongly on social capital strategies in driving both performance and innovation within organizations.

By definition, social capital refers to the competitive advantage that is created based on the way an individual is connected to others.

Two primary aspects of social capital—group cohesion and brokerage are particularly relevant.


Group cohesion is best described as how connected an individual within a group is to others in the group or network.
 These often referred to as clusters, are considered highly cohesive when they have many redundant connections within the group
The benefits of cohesive groups are that individuals are able to quickly share information and typically demonstrate higher levels of trust than less cohesive groups.

We support leaders to explore new leadership frameworks that more fully leverage the competitive advantages of the more strongly connected members of the organisation to drive better performance and innovation or entrepreneurship. In today’s dynamic world, leadership frameworks must also shift—from a predominantly human capital focus, such as the bias toward competency-based models, to a social capital emphasis, focusing on facilitating the movement of ideas across a system by using the strong connections within it.

. As we embrace these methods, we will unleash the hidden potential that already exists.

“To accomplish great things we must not only dream but also act, must not only plan but also believe”

Anatole France



Clear Old Patterns and Leverage Your Strengths

Step back and gain clarity by embarking on a new approach to Leadership Development. We call it Leadership Emergence!


Understand the barriers holding you back, and learn effective procedures that will enable you to more easily move forward.


We bring into focus the context within which the leader finds themselves, this is a critical distinction from conventional focussed development which is more content or immediate issue centered.

With this in mind the leader is equipped to transform the systemic issues that are creating the emergent issue.

Our consultants and coaches have a commitment to develop new ways of thinking for leaders; thinking pathways that may have been blocked or never accessed.


Optimising and Harnessing Full Energy

Leading Organizations and Teams is not new for you!

The challenge in todays' world is the maximisation and sustainability of the kinetic and latent energy within those.

You know that performance is fuelled by engagement and focus from your people and by how you bring yourself to your role.

The Leader As Architect shows you the practical way to do that and discover how to shift your mindset and the mindset of those you lead to catalyse full energy performance, more often and with less intervals in between.

To work with the natural bio- rhythms of human performance; its the secret that elite athletes share!

Leader As Architect: Quote

Coaching for Leadership Mastery

Give yourself the opportunity to take your Leadership and Life to a deeper level. Begin the reconnection now!

  • Work with a Master Coach with 25 years experience in what it takes to lead in todays world

  • Be reminded of timeless principles and practices to underpin and sustain new leadership philosophies and behaviours

  • Leave the sessions with awareness, clear choices and an action plan to implement more effective and meaningful leadership

  • Engage in the latest diagnostic tools and integrate them with your natural wisdom to make the difference

Re-Connecting with The Leader
You Have been Waiting For
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Take the step to reconnect with your most powerful leader

The consultants at The Leader as Architect have been actively supporting leaders, teams and communities in working effectively and maximising energy for over 25years. 


Looking around our organisations and communities we see people who are challenged by the current operating environment.


We have never experienced the current level of challenge to our ways of life and the systems we use that make us uniquely human! 


Our planet has created a forced pause in the way we all have been living and working and ask us to address some important questions.

  • What is really important to us? 

  • How do we see the connectivity to each other and how can we ensure that we are not only aware of that connectivity but to show that we value it!

  • How important is our personal sense of freedom and autonomy?

  • What will we do to respond and demonstrate that to each other?

  • How do we individually take responsibility to remain composed in the craziness of the world in reaction?

  • How do we reach out to support others and potentially to be courageous enough to ask for help ourselves if we need it? 

We know that the challenges and the changing ,will not cease.

The fluidity will continue that is for certain! As a Leader or in deed as a Human Being, it has confronted us with deep questions about what is important and how we want to show up in the world.

Another thing that is certain, is the constant thread within each of us that can enable the direction finding and stability required for us and also to support others to do the same.

Participants will learn how a values, principles, and practices based approach, taken together can create trustworthy spaces to explore questions of meaning, purpose, and personal connection.

How to start integrating principles and practices into lives so that they may show up more fully in their relationships and their work

The programme also has assigned readings and reflective questions in-between sessions!


  • The Wisdom of the 'Inner Teacher'

  • An Un-socialised community

  • Core Values, Principles & Practices

  • Foundational Touchstones

  • Use of the Foundations in personal and professional life

  • Demonstrate working with core foundations of Re-Connected Leadership

  • Introduce and use Open and Honest Questions to listen deeply and support the other

  • Demonstrate use of creative process to access connection to self & others



The tools of traditional leadership fall into little substance when things are out of our control. We are challenged to hold the complexity and confusion whilst re-imaging the future. This is the real work of leadership - we are challenged to step into the wickedness that has emerged.​

The work that we undertake in THE LEADERS ROUNDTABLE network is concerned with creating space for leaders to cultivate the inner resources to live and lead more authentically, aligning who they are to what they do. To hold the dynamic tension of not knowing and needing to know.  ​

We will work with leadership challenges that are present for the group and support outcomes to be put into practise.​

You will experience a new way of thinking and working.

Tangible actions to real challenges

A community of growth minded leaders willing to listen and to be challenged.

Enjoy the collective wisdom of the group! Feel the support of a safe and trustworthy community!



"I don't take your words
erely as words.
Far from it.
I listen
To what makes you talk
Whatever that is
And me listen."

Shinkichi Takahashi

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We are accredited in the cutting edge Systemic and Leadership Diagnostic Frameworks




Individual and Team Culture


Life Styles Inventory and Organisational Culture Inventory

The Ultimate Systemic Energy Diagnostic


Behavioural Profiling


Personality Profiling


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