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The Methodology

Creating the Context for Emergence

The leader’s voyage of development is not an easy one. Some people change little in their lifetimes; some change substantially. Despite the undeniably crucial role of genetics, human nature is not fixed. Those who are willing to work at developing themselves and becoming more self-aware can almost certainly evolve over time into truly transformational leaders.

This is no longer just a leadership challenge (what good leadership looks like), it is a development challenge (the process of how to grow “bigger” minds).

The methodology at The Leader as Architect requires creating contexts for the rewiring of the neural pathways of leadership to be catalysed.

That catalytic process requires you to first be triggered by our challenge, talk to us so that we can enable you to tap into your wisdom and your solution.

However, there is one thing that we have become certain of and that is that the methods that have been used in the past to develop leaders really, truly, categorically will not be enough for the complexity of challenges which are on their way for organizations (and broader society).

The art of practicing in this area well, is going to get much harder, at the same time as it becomes much more important.


At The Leader as Architect we support leaders to explore new leadership frameworks that more fully leverage the competitive advantages of the more strongly connected members of the organisation to drive better performance today.

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