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Managing Consultant & Coach

Working at the forefront of Leadership Development for over 20 years Kerrie Murray-Loewy provides a consulting partnership that is purposeful, collaborative and challenging.
Kerrie has been working alongside leaders partnering in executive coaching, teaming capability and building collaborative capabilities. With a background as a coaching psychologist  Kerrie knows the intrinsic connection between individual mindsets and organisational success. Increasing complexity and fast paced environments require new demands upon our existing capability and resources. Organisational transformation cannot take place without individual transformation.
Kerrie has held leadership roles in private, public and not for profit organisations. She has led assignments in the areas of Organisational Culture Change; Development of Leadership Capabilities and Navigation of complex stakeholder relationships during mergers and acquisitions. Kerrie has worked with Executive Teams, Graduates/High ‘Potentials’, Middle Managers and Front Line Employees.
Kerrie  is well recognised internationally for her contribution to the field of Conflict and Collaboration.
Informed by the latest research in neuroscience her work has focused on the Inner Game of Leadership. Individuals not only need to add new skills and widen their repertoire of responses, it’s essential that they update their internal operating system and increase their mental agility, to grow more sophisticated ways of seeing, thinking, acting and relating.

Kerrie Murray -Loewy: Team Members
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